Saturday 2nd June & Sunday 3rd June 10 am to 4pm both days


schedule for saturday & sunday

We just keep adding the attractions to MagnetiCon 2018. The Fabulous Fight 4 Flight N.Q. Birds of Prey. See them Next to The Infamous Geek Main Stage.


One of MagnetiCon’s main goals before our 2016 conventions was to make awareness of local charities and raise funds. From our first raffle at the opening of Star Wars Episode VII to the end of the convention we raised a total of $5470 for the Golden Octopus Foundation.
2017 We have been able to donate $1570 to headspace Townsville.
headspace Cheque Presentation.jpeg

Other Attractions at MagnetiCon 2018

Cars from Film & TV

Prop maker AKD Prototypes will have so much for you to see:


Hemblecreations will have a great range of diarama's to purchase or place orders for.


Including huge Star Wars Vehicle Display, City Scene, Empire Strikes Back Planet Hoth Battle Scene and more.....

You will be able to purchase a round of Laser Skirmesh.

Meet cartoon Artist

Paul Abstruse Comic Book Artist: Paul started working in a comic book store in Newtown, Sydney, Australia when he was 21. It was at that time he went to his first comic book convention and developed an interest in drawing comic books after seeing David Yardin's portfolio.

Dean has a lot of comics to his credit here are but a few: 'Simpsons Comics' #180, #182, #183, #184, #186, #200, #211, #225 'Futurama Comics' #62, 'Bongo's Two One-Shot Wonders in One' #1, 'Bart Simpson’s Pal, Milhouse' #1, 'Simpsons Winter Wingding' #7, #10