A: MagnetiCon is a celebration of everything Pop Culture, from dressing up in your favourite character to movie memorabilia and having fun hanging out with like minded people. 


Q: When does it open? 

A: 10:00am to 4:00pm Saturday 3rd June 2017 and 10:00am to 4:00pm Sunday 4th June 2017.


Q: Where is it? 

A: RSL Townsville Stadium, Murray Lyons Crescent, Annandale, Queensland, Australia. Click here to view map.


Q: what can i expect for my ticket price?

A: You will get to meet one of the cast members from the original STAR WARS movies, cosplayers from overseas and Australia and comic book artists. You will also have the ability to see local and interstate vendors with all sorts of memorabilia, and mingle with like minded people. 


Q: what is the best day to attend? 

A: The format for both days is very similar, but there is so much to pack in you will probably need to come both days. Also with competitions on both days and people generally having different costumes for Saturday and Sunday, you won't see the same thing on both days.

Q: WHere can i get my tickets? 

A: Tickets are available from the Townsville Tickets website - http://townsvilletickets.com.au/event?id=3439

Q: Do Kids need tickets? 

A: Children under 5 years of age are free.

Q: can i use my own camera? 

A: Yes, you can use your own camera but MagnetiCon owns all rights to the photos taken at the event.  Photos with Jeremy Bulloch and Nicole Marie Jean are not permitted on personal cameras.  Photo booth is available to purchase a photo with these guests at a charge.  Schedule and costs will be listed on the website.
P.S. It is always courteous to ask permission before taking a photo.

Q: WHat is magneticon weapon & prop policy? 

A: All weapons and props must be checked prior to entry to the convention.  If your prop is not deemed safe it will be confiscated and held in a secure room until your departure.